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Sun at 15:21
now each time you post something you will get your signature
Sun at 15:22
hope thats what you meant and hope that helps
Sun at 15:42
Sun at 15:51
Ugh it just shows the link when i post
Sun at 16:02
you need do do [img]<link>[/img]
Sun at 16:02
and you need find image and right click and save URL
Sun at 16:03
try from different site perhaps image is either broken or disabled for usage
Sun at 16:05
Sun at 16:11
Did it work?
24 hours ago
Yes thank you!
18 hours ago
Do i need forge 1.7.10 because it say outdated client
17 hours ago
nvm fixed it
17 hours ago
_NightFall_ do you know a website to make a picture? with like a name and pictures
17 hours ago
15 hours ago
15 hours ago
15 hours ago
what the heck when i was trying to join ts3 it wont let me use the perm code
14 hours ago
r there any bugs with the 1.7.10 version of pixelmon?
14 hours ago
Hey everyone
14 hours ago
1.7.10 fixed some of the bugs that were in the last forge i think, but it is a beta test for pixelmon 3.2
13 hours ago
join safari games soul siver!!!!
13 hours ago
we need 1 person
13 hours ago
13 hours ago
anyone here?
13 hours ago
7 hours ago
6 hours ago
5 hours ago
What is the Pixelmon Showdown server IP?
5 hours ago
Showdown is still going through heavy testing to work out any bugs and is not released yet, but expect to see it soon!
4 hours ago
Just beat pokemon y!
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