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Greetings, Pixelmon Gaming Fans!

For a while now, as you may have noticed if you've seen me around on the server, I've been trying to think of more contests to host. While I have a few roughs ideas, I really want to hear what you guys want to see!

We always value your suggestions and contests is something that is 100% aimed at you for you guys to have fun and win cool prizes, so this will help me and all other staff members come up with contests for you that you want to see.

So what kind of contests do you enjoy? Is there a type of contest you want us to run? Is there types you don't like? Past ones you'd like to see done again?

To make a suggestion and/or join in the discussion, head here:

Contest Suggestion Thread

- Def

Recent changes

Vamp2004 posted Mar 22, 15  -  March UpdateNewsStaff Admin

Hey everyone!

As some have seen recently we are undergoing some changes on our server and amongst many other things. Most of this is because yours truely is now the Staff Admin. What's this mean? This means that essentially the staff is run by myself and the owner's, of course. Much feedback has been coming in and we have been listening so we are working to bring those things to life for you guys! 

Here is just some of the following changes:

-Staff will no longer be playing favorites, the rules are enforced equally.

-Must be an active player on the server in order to remain staff.

-We only return pokemon if they were donated for, or scammed out of; with proper evidence.

-We do not return Rocket Wars rep anymore.

-Updated our applications for staff.

-Currently have NPC's for Gym Leaders.

-Will have at least one event every month for everyone to partake in.

-New Ticket system for Support related issues: VIP, Missing Pokemon, Tech, Ban Appeals, Report A Player

-And more to come later.

We really hope that you guys enjoy some of the changes taking place and we hope to have a better community in the end of things.

If you are ever confused about anything on the server, feel free to message a Senior Mod or above for help, or even join our Team Speak to be able to talk to us directly. We have Help Room's available to be able to assist people faster.

We appreciate your patience in everything and look forward to seeing you all in game!

~Staff Admin - Vamp2004~

AttractiveAngel It's good to finally see the gym leaders added to the server as it gives a whole new thing to do while you are training ...

Feedback wanted!

Vamp2004 posted Feb 21, 15

Hey everyone!

There have been quite a few changes lately, and basically we want your feedback.

How can we improve things for you?

Please leave your feedback in the thread provided below:





Hey hey hey~!

Violet and Safari have been updated to the latest release, 3.4. You can grab this new release from the official Pixelmon downloads page. Rocket Wars will be updated once Ghost finishes some coding work on it, so it will remain 3.3.8 for now.

Rocket Wars is now also 3.4!

Pixelmon Downloads

You can report any bugs you find or check if your bug has already been reported on the Pixelmon Bug Tracker:

Bug Tracker

Have fun!