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Build Event!

Vamp2004 @ Violet Lv 255
posted Jun 11, 15

Hey everyone!

We are going to be holding an official build event for the server! 
If your build is picked it will become an official part of the server.
Be sure to place a sign on your build to give yourself credit.

You will also win a prize! 

We can give the following:
Pokemon of your choice, possibly even legendary.
Rare candies
Claim blocks
+ More!

When your build is done for this event let a staff member know so we can check it out.
You could also post into the thread with a screenshot of your build.
If you post a screenshot it at least must show the chat to prove it's on our server, and the coordinates.
If you didn't by chance know, pushing f3 will show coordinates on your minecraft screen.

What kind of builds are we looking for?
Small Houses
3d Pokemon
Towers; for say a pokemon to go on top
Bridges or walkways across water

We certainly aren't limited to these options so if you think your build is nice feel free to submit it!


Looking forward to seeing everyones work!

Suga Sounds Fun Cx but i wish i could connect haha

More guides available to help out.

Vamp2004 @ Violet Lv 255
posted Jun 10, 15

Hey everyone!

Back for a quick minute to let you guys know we have even more guides posted on our forums to help everyone out! Go take a look at them, and if you really like them, let us know. I'm sure our awesome staff would appreciate it for all the hard work they've put in.

Here's where you can find them:


Also be sure to check out our Contest we have going on, or ask about them in game. You can win some great prizes for participating; pokemon, claim blocks, vp, etc.

Hope to see you around!

~Staff Admin - Vamp2004~

Official Player Guides available!

Vamp2004 @ Violet Lv 255
posted May 22, 15

So one of the things our staff has been working very hard on is some guides to help out everyone. <3

Here they are:

Guides Location

You can expect more to be coming later! We hope this helps everyone out!

Until next time,

~Staff Admin - Vamp2004~

Pixelmon Official Facebook!

Vamp2004 @ Violet Lv 255
posted May 21, 15


^ That awesome link above is to our new official Facebook page. ^

That page will be run by our fellow staff so keep an eye out there for some of our server updates, as well as here.

Hope to see you there!

~Staff Admin - Vamp2004~